Benefits of Computer Surge Protection

A computer surge protector is a device that protects computer systems from electrical problems. The device is placed between a computer and the wall outlet. When an electrical problem occurs, the surge protector disconnects the computer from the power source or other function to protect the system.

Surge Prevention

The main function and benefit of surge protection are to prevent surges. Surges are the result of everything – problems with the lighting grid. An overvoltage destroys the computer equipment. Overvoltage protection uses a fuse or some other method to break the connection between the output and the computer to prevent damage when an overvoltage occurs.

Brownout Prevention

Voltage drops occur when the voltage is not enough, in fact, a residence or business. Voltage drops are very damaging to the hardware and occur when there is damage to the power grid or the network is overloaded. Voltage drops lead to excessive voltages in large appliances such as refrigerators. Some surge protectors offer power filtering to ensure that the correct voltage still reaches the computer.

Prevention of Data Loss

Data loss occurs when computers are not properly closed. If you work on a document and the power goes out, your work is most likely gone. Some surge protectors have a built-in backup battery. The computer backup powers for several minutes after a power failure. Additional minutes allow the user to save their data and shut down the system properly. If you are also the type that values your data and wouldn’t want to waste the precious times spent at the desk, you can consider getting a quality surge protector with USB from PrimeCables.

Clean Power

Small surges, brownouts and voltage variations, wear out electrical equipment over time and shorten its service life. Some surge protectors have electrical filters that prevent everything except the correct voltage from reaching the computer. This benefit can extend the life of your computer.

Additional Outlets

A standard feature and the benefit of power strips and surge arresters is that most offer additional outlets. The device uses a wall socket but you can connect several devices in the surge protector. You should never daisy surge chain protectors to add other outlets because this is a fire hazard.

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